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Pueblo gets new fire chief

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Dec 5, 2004
From www.pueblo.us:

City Manager David Galli has chosen the person
who will take over the helm of the
City of Pueblo Fire Department

Galli has appointed Chris Riley, of Costa Mesa, California Fire Department, as the new Fire Chief.
Riley is presently the Division Manager/Battalion Chief for the Costa Mesa Fire Department. He brings to Pueblo some 25 years of professional firefighting experience.
The decision to hire Riley came after an extensive search process that involved input from both inside and outside Pueblo.
The diverse group of individuals on the screening and interview committee included fire chiefs from other Colorado communities, representatives from within the Pueblo community, and representatives from the Pueblo Fire Department itself, as well as from City Administration.
Galli says the city was fortunate to have three superior candidates, but he felt that Riley was the best person for the job.
“I am very excited to have Chris on board and more importantly, I know that Chris and his family are very excited about becoming part of the Pueblo community. Chris brings over 25 years of experience in the fire profession to his new job. It became apparent during the interview process and interaction with various community members and members of the fire department that Chris is the right fit for this position.”
Riley says he is very enthusiastic about the new job and is committed to serving the community and developing healthy work relationships at every level.
Riley holds a Master’s Degree in Emergency Services Administration from California State University and a Bachelor of Art in Vocation Education. He also has an Associates Degree in Applied Science—Fire Science from Mount San Antonio College. He is a Chief Fire Officer through the International Association of Fire Chiefs.
Riley and his wife Jolene have four children. He is tentatively scheduled to begin his new job the day after Labor Day, on September 5.

Riley replaces Greg Miller who retired in May after 30 years of service.
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