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Radio Consolette for Audio

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Mar 11, 2006
Hey Guys,
I would live to provide a feed strait out of the accessory ports of our base station radio. Below are the pin outs for a DB-25 connector. I would like to make a cable, could anyone advise on which pins I should use to go into the mic port on a computer. I would like the audio to sound as good as possible so if any one knows any tricks to build a good cable I would appreciate it.

Pin Signal Name Description
1 RX+ (LINE1+)† Receive high used with TRC desksets (TX and RX high for two-wire operation; RX high for four-wire operation)†
2 AUD_SHLD Ground: audio or analog
3 TX+ (LINE2+)† Transmit high used with all desksets (TX high for four-wire operation)†
4 FILT_AUD (DET_AUD)† RX filtered audio (RX detect or discriminator audio)†
5 A+ +13.8VDC or battery voltage
6 BUSY Busy line of data bus; 5V logic
7 BUS+ High side of bus data: 180° out of phase with BUS–; 5V logic
8 UNAVAILABLE Not supported
9 VIP OUTPUT 1 Vehicle interface output port 1
10 PTT* Push-To-Talk initiates a transmission; 5V logic
11 TX– (LINE2–)† Transmit low use with all desksets (TX low for four-wire operation)†
12 DIG_GND Ground for 5V logic signals
13 VIP INPUT 1 Vehicle interface input port 1
14 REMOTE_RX+ (SPKR_HI)† Remote deskset speaker high output (CAUTION: grounding this pin will result in damage to the radio) (Speaker high output)†
15 REMOTE_RX– (SPKR_LO)† Remote deskset speaker low output (CAUTION: grounding this pin will result in damage to the radio) (Speaker low output)†
16 RX– (LINE1–)† Receive low used with TRC desksets (TX and RX low for two-wire operation, RX low for four-wire operation)†
17 TX_AUD (AUD_TX)† Transmit audio used for telephone interconnect
18 VIP OUTPUT 3 Vehicle interface output port 3
19 BUS– Low side of bus data: 180° out of phase with BUS–; 5V logic
20 RESET Data bus reset line; 5V logic
21 5V 5V for logic circuits
22 VIP INPUT 3 Vehicle interface input port 3
23 VIP OUTPUT 2 Vehicle interface output port 2
24 MONITOR* Allows activation of monitor (used with MRTI telephone interconnect)
25 SPKR_UNMUTE Signal indicating if the Consolette is receiving valid audio
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