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Radio issues force police to double-up in patrol cars

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Nov 11, 2007
Man, broken sky must really suck. Can someone familiar with it explain what is causing it to fail in so many places? Thanks.
Aug 11, 2010
Just posting the facts-

i was at dinner last night and there were 3 black and whites all single man units using macom/harris p7200 and m7300's.

Anyone familiar with tdma (dmr,p25 phase 2,open sky) will more than agree they all sound pretty much the same. Remember p25 phase 1 is not TDMA.

I hope the new system is as improved as they hope.
Dec 31, 2005
Man, broken sky must really suck. Can someone familiar with it explain what is causing it to fail in so many places? Thanks.
We use Harris OpenSky and it works fine. The voice quality is good. The coverage is good. I've only been bonked from the system once in the last few months.

The issue in Las Vegas is likely coverage related. I know we had to put up quite a few extra tower sites than originally planned.

The only issues with the system now that I have experienced are:
Call volume varies (call to call)
Occasionally a word will get echoed

I know Harris made major improvements to OpenSky (software related) to get the system useable. When Tyco/M/A Com had it the system just didn't work, ex:
Poor voice quality (garbled, severe echo)

Digital Stutter ( 83, can ya ya ya ya ya ya ya 10-19)

Lost calls

Radios not rx calls at the same time (even now the time delay between your mobile receiving a call and your portable receiving a call has a slight delay- it makes it difficult to talk on your radio if another radio is turned up by you). I guess it is vocoder delay because our old AEGIS/VGE radios had the delay too.

No coverage areas that were dynamic

Emergency button would trigger by itself

The system is quite usable now and I feel confident in using it. It is reliable.
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