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Jan 16, 2007
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can someone suggest a portable radio for listening to police/fire in Utica, NY
and how difficult would it be to program?

Scanner Frequencies: JPJ Communications / Utica Public Safety Trunking System, Utica, New York

(for news media use)

Im not sure how long you have lived in NY it is illegal how ever to carry devices in your vehicle like a scanner that can pick up police frequencies and what have you. As far as a Radio goes i can suggest the 2 dealers in my area one which my Fire department uses and one that the department next to us uses.
You've got
Pittsfield Communication
Cobleskill, NY 12043

OR you have got River Valley Radio in Westerlo NY 800-279-6250

as far as either of those places selling you an actual radio im not sure they may request you have written documentation stating your allowed to have those frequencies programmed im not sure though it all comes down to there policies.

Or you can go to your local radio shack and ask them to help you get a scanner that would fit the 800 Mhz band with
Dec 19, 2004
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JPJ can probably help you out. One of their techs programs scanner radios on the side, for a nominal fee I believe. He'll probably even suggest which radio for you to buy.

JPJ is cool... they play their scanner feed while you're on hold when calling the shop!
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