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Re: HFD Districts

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Jan 26, 2005
Navasota, TX.
Re: HFD Districts

From the rumor mill, and I emphasize the rumor mill, it is as follows:

24's will possibly be in 21's District given they only have 3
stations currently or 46's District. This also involves the rumor of
L46 moving there, D46 moving there, Station 25 going to D08 to
balance out the districts, etc. Way too many variables at this point.

84's most likely in 64's District, if it doesn't beome D74.

95's most likely in 71's District because even after 94's opens back
up here in a few days they will only have 3 stations in the District.

105' most likely in 102's District.

About 22's, while they have a District 22, it is a Staff Chief
position and is not a 24hr District Chief. Same applies to Rescue
with District 11. Both also have a Sr. Captain assigned also that
assist with coordination of their respective teams. Hunter can
clarify or correct as appropriate.

As for the other vacant numbers in the station numbering, who knows.
There is also no Station 1, 14 or 24 currently.

And of the station numbers thrown out there, 1 is rumored to be
another ARFF station at Bush Intercontinental airport. Just some

Larry 68A


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