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Re-Transmittal Of HF Station's Signal To NA ?

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Dec 15, 2004
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Concerning the many HF stations in Europe and Africa that seem to re-transmit to NA from a nearer location to us.

I forget the name, but one site in Canada seems to be very popular for this purpose.
Who am I thinking of ?

Was wondering-

How do these very distant foreign stations usually get their signal to, e.g., the Canadian site ?
via satellite, cable, or...?



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Jul 22, 2002
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Undoubtedly you are talking about Sackville, the main xmt plant for RCI. To be honest I don't know how they set up these relays - possibly via satellite feed to be recorded, or hard-line if it's a live telecast (satellites would introduce a very small but noticeable lag) but that's strictly conjecture on my part.

I could ask a certain popular ex broadcaster....some of you already know who I'm talking about :.>> if you really want to know...Mike
Dec 26, 2004
VOA used to use HF transmitters operating in ISB (independent side band) from Bethany, OH to send their broadcasts to remote transmitter facilities thougout the world were they would be rebroadcast in AM on the shortwave bands for reception by the target audience, One of their overseas facilities was Monrovia, Liberia.

Back in the late 70's early eighties I spent a lot of time in Africa on various projects, one project we were assigned several frequencies for our in-country HF comms one just happened to be one that VOA used for a feed to their Liberia transmitter, each morning we switched to LSB and listened to the news on the VOA feed.

VOX decommissioned the Bethany site several years ago and went to satellite feeds for their overseas transmitter sites.

For several years a Grundig was a necessary part of my travel kit, later it was replaced by a Sony.
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