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Really BAD noise

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Mar 1, 2003
Hey All,
Last week a tree fell on a bunch of power lines,phone lines,cable tv, and who knows what else...it even snapped the pole in half.Now after BG&E installed a new pole 2 houses down and fixed the broken power line that was laying in my backyard i now have a real BAD almost like humming noise on alot of UHF freqs. The worst freq is 391.2 but i have to lock out alot of other UHF freqs.Any ideas on what it might be???

Let me know,


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May 18, 2003
Warrenton, VA
It could be line noise from the AC power lines. Try taking a portable receiver and narrowing down the source. If you think you are close, disconnect the antenna to confirm. You can also kick the utility pole (or hit it with a sledge hammer) a few times and see if the problem goes away. You can contact BG&E and ask to speak to someone about RF interference. Explain your problem and they will look into it. Most power utilities maintain an RF interfence division that rectifies these problems. If they say the lines are OK, then contact the cable company.
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