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Remember your CB radio call sign?

Sep 26, 2016
Antelope Valley, CA
Dad's License

From what I remember, my dad's was KBX0073, don't know how I remember that after 35+ years. He had a Radio Shack 40-channel CB with RS antenna, and it use to be temporarily installed/used in whichever vehicle we took on our family vacations. He about had a fit when I installed his CB in his 72 Datsun pickup, in '89. "You can't use my license, I haven't renewed it since 82." Guess he didn't hear that licenses were no longer needed/required. My best friends and I were always on them, one of my best friends and I used our dads' radios and our other best friend went out and bought the cheapest radio and antenna setup he could find.

Monday, I finally finished installing my Uniden PC122XL and new coax & antenna. Having some issues with my install, started a thread to figure out what is "wrong with my install."

My son is wanting to get into HAM, so I'm looking at getting my license and getting us into it. A local friend of mine, his wife and adult daughter are HAMs, and they were telling me that I don't need to know code to get it, BONUS!!! Although, I may eventually get my code license.
Oct 21, 2016
CB callsign

KDL2311! I remember getting that piece of paper from the FCC. I later got another notice from the FCC advising me that the $5.00 fee I paid was ruled illegal and would be refunded to me.
Apr 3, 2014
KDL2311! I remember getting that piece of paper from the FCC. I later got another notice from the FCC advising me that the $5.00 fee I paid was ruled illegal and would be refunded to me.
Interesting! Did you ever get the money back from the FCC? :)


Premium Subscriber
Feb 21, 2014
Western NJ
KBN8387 and at that time (1975) it took about 3 months for the FCC to assign you a call sign. All applications were sent in to the Gettysburg address by US mail and responded by mail.
Apr 18, 2018
Ballston Lake, NY
I got my FCC call numbers when I was 11 and I can believe I still remember them "KWE-3373". Man, I can't remember what I had for breakfast, but I remember my call numbers from 1971. In fact, I still have the actual paper license some where. :)