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WS1095: Repair Service

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Mar 31, 2010
I know that the Whistler WS1095 is being discontinued. Does that mean you won't be able to get out of warranty service in the future? Thanks
FYI from page 68 of the owner's manual for the Whistler WS1095:

Service Out Of Warranty

Units will be repaired at “out of warranty” service rates
• The unit’s original warranty has expired.
• A dated proof of purchase is not supplied.
• The unit has been returned without its serial number.
• The unit has been misused, abused, modified, installed
improperly, or had its housing removed.

The minimum out of warranty service fee for your Whistler
Scanner is $120.00 (U.S.). If you require out of warranty service,
please return your unit as outlined in the section “Service Under
Warranty” along with a cashier’s check or money order in the
amount of $120.00. Payment may also be made by MasterCard,
VISA or American Express. Personal checks are not accepted.

In the event repairs cannot be covered by the minimum
service fee, you will be contacted by a Whistler technical
service specialist who will outline options available to you.

IMPORTANT: When returning your unit for service, be
certain to include a daytime telephone number and an
email address (if applicable).


Uniden will repair Whistlers starting at $69, or G & G and several other's will also.
Mar 31, 2010
Uniden will repair Whistlers starting at $69...
While it is true that Uniden will repair other brand model scanners for $69.95 (plus $10 or $15 for shipping & handling as noted below), they have the following information posted on their repair website:

"The flat rate service/repair fee is NON REFUNDABLE."

"Repairs to other brands is subject to parts availability. Most parts are common parts and are easily repairable, but case parts and custom electronic parts are typically non-repairable. Note that the flat-rate terms outlined above also apply to other-brand scanners."

"Important!! Shipping and applicable taxes will be added to these charges. Please include $10 for shipping & handling charges if in the US or $15 for shipping & handling charges if in Canada."

See https://repair.uniden.com/rates.cfm for full information.
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