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RepeaterBook announces new iPhone app

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Jun 26, 2003
The World's Free Repeater Apps now available for iPhone and Android

The Free Repeater Directory App for USA, Canada, and Mexico.

RepeaterBook enables you to easily find repeaters across the USA, Canada, and Mexico for free, and without a network connection.

RepeaterBook mobile apps are powered by the popular community database of RepeaterBook.com and software of ZBM2.com.

Just search for RepeaterBook in the Apple App Store or Google Play
• More than 16,000 repeaters listed
• No network connection required
• Use network, GPS or a grid square to find Repeaters
• Displays your grid
• Comprehensive selection and sorting options
• Displays distance, heading and full repeater details
• Fast and flexible, designed to help you use the repeater network
• Easily submit updates and additions from within the app
• Support for English, French Canadian and Spanish (Android version)
• Supports BlueCAT - FT-857 / FT-817 Bluetooth CAT interface?- Touch a repeater to instantly set your radio. (Android version)

For our friends outside North America we have our other popular directory apps:
• Repeater Locator - for iPhone, iPad, and iPod
• Repeater - for Android

Our Repeater apps will always be free.

Garrett KD6KPC and Nicolas M1HOG
Garrett KD6KPC and Nicolas M1HOG
:: RepeaterBook.com :: Amateur Radio Repeater Directory and ZBM2 Software - Android and Apple Development



Jul 13, 2004
Burlington County, NJ
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Couple of questions. (1) Does 'no network needed' translate to downloading the entire database to install the app? (2) Has the complaint of locking the GPS on, not releasing it, upon program exit been fixed?

I didn't see any answers within the Google Play description. Thanks.
Apr 9, 2013

To answer your questions.

1. Both the iPhone and Android versions include the complete database in the app. It takes moments to install the app over wifi, and means the app is fully functional without needing a network connection.

2. The GPS handling of the Android version when the app is backgrounded will be revised. Many older Android devices can take awhile to regain GPS lock. But please be assured this will be addressed!
Please email me if you would like to help beta test this.

Thanks again for your interest in RepeaterBook.

ZBM2 Software - Android and Apple Development
App developer.
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