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Replacement for the Discontinued Radio Shack 20-161 Antenna

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Jul 3, 2010
the ILM
Looking through old threads, I have noticed that people were looking for information for tuning on this old obsolete antenna. Instead of opening up the old threads that ended years ago (which is frowned upon), I decided to start a new one to let people know that while searching their webpage for something else, I came across the fact that Radio Shack is now selling this antenna online as part number 20-551

RadioShack Indoor Telescopic Scanner Antenna : Antennas and dummy loads | RadioShack.com

It appears to have the same specs of:

6 stainless-steel telescoping sections extend antenna from 16" to 40"
Center-loaded coil for best reception
VHF band from 30~512MHz.

But the main difference now is that instead of the old right-angle Motorola antenna plug (and later on the right-angle PL-259), the antenna now has a right-angle BNC connector affixed to the antenna.

Also, there is a pdf of the new 20-551 antenna available for download


which basically states to extend all sections out to get the entire 30-512 MHZ range.
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