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RFE for Online Shopping FAQ

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Jul 18, 2005
New Braunfels, TX
Many of the members of this site rely on online purchases primarily. I have just come to find out the hard way that different *major* shopping websites have different policies from each other.

For example I went to a major website and unknowingly purchased an item from a reseller who had no return policy -- even though the major website did.

So I'd like to ask for a FAQ underneath "Equipment on eBay" on the main site in where one can find payment, return and shipping policies of the four or five major online sites.

This would be caveated as not a horror story thread (like mine) but a "what you need to know before" resource. This could even be a Wiki.

I can't moderate but I could (and we all could) contribute.


DB Administrator
Nov 5, 2002
I'm sure this would be of benefit to any "first-timers" who are hesitant to order.
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