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Rooftop antenna

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May 29, 2007
Nassau Cty,New York
I have been having reception problems lately and noticed one of my antennas sustained some damage. I currently have a Feret 8 band approx 20' above chimney but I'm looking to add another antenna. I just purchased a GRE psr 600 and notice less gain then my BC780xlt don't know if its the radio or my antenna situation. I currently use a RF Systems SP-3 to combine the antennas and RG8U 13awg coax. I plan on erecting a glen martin mast I have had for a few years but due to health reasons never got around to installing it now that spring is here I want to redo my shack and have it running right. Bottom line what type of antenna should i be looking at as well as the right cable and lightning protection? Its hard for me to add or splice connectors to existing cables so I like to order cable and jumpers with connectors factory installed. I'm open to all suggestions I already invested a lot over the past few years and would like to get it right this time I'd appreciate all the help I can get.

BC785D with Apco chip
Realistic pro 2021
Realistic pro 2006
Kenwood TK860HGK Base

I can also be reached at scanrock@gmail.com
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