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RPi3 gqrx feeding to BroadCastify

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Dec 7, 2016
Milpitas, CA

I am a new feeder to Broadcastify and finally have a brand new Raspberry Pi 3 working with gqrx 2.6 and the latest SDR USB stick from Nooelec. (fully shielded with a bandwidth of about 3 Mhz and temperature compensated oscillator that can fit two to an RPi without physical interference). The local channel I'm monitoring sounds great on my RPi3 but have yet to figure out how to feed the audio to my Broadcastify feed.

How exactly do you feed audio from an RPi3 running jessie pixel and gqrx to Broadcastify? All the information online is dated and sporadic and very confusing so far,

My current feed is using an HP mini HTPC running Windows 8.1 Bing and the latest SDR# from AirSpy and does not sound nearly as good as the gqrx on my new RPi 3.

Thanks very much in advance for any help. :)
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