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rt 80 at water gap

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Jan 9, 2005
Unincorporated Arapahoe
Water Gap

This is an area I listen to extensively.

I'm thinking you are pretty good with the database, so I might not list all frequencies... but can if you need me to.

First off>

National Park Service - Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area(DEWA) is a Digital site

They do law enforcement and forest fire response for the DEWA Area

Program either one in, they both work fine in that area
168.475 P25 DEWA North
170.050 P25 DEWA South

On the NJ side
Warren County, NJ
Dispatch 159.180 CSQ
EMS 158.745 186.2
the database has more frequncies

Sussex County, NJ Most dispatched on 46.1 131.8

NJSP, you'll want to listen to "3-comm" Talkgroup is 35728 on the Troop B system (database is also accurate here).

On the PA side
Monroe County is really busy and easy to monitor. They have a great UHF system (analog, not trunked).

They also get a lot of work!

Fire gets dispatched on 453.750
East Fire (Area near gap) 460.625 (664 dpl)
West Fire 460.575 (664 dpl)
Central Fire 453.075 (664 dpl)
EMS is 155.280 (186.2)

Pike County is also easy to listen to and they get work!

Pike Fire 154.445 (173.8)
Pike EMS 155.265 (173.8)

For some GREAT references (I would print these and take em with you in a binder). They also list station numbers, etc.

See John's site at

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Feb 21, 2008
western nj
for ems on the nj side there ops chan is ems north its low band check the page for the freq the one listed above is ems disp if im correct but knolton squad might be switching to it midyear
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