RT Systems IC-R8600 copy/paste ?


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Feb 14, 2012
Hi all,

Having now purchased the RTSytems software for the IC-R8600 I am trying to add lists of frequencies the latest is in csv format copied over the frequencies ok but now trying to add in this case VHF marine channels in the Name column I the RTSystems software and I've tried all soughts of things but it refuses to paste after copying the column in the spreadsheet, also tried saving as text same issue ,

Any ideas greatly appreciated otherwise working ok if a bit slow in transfer, had to go back to slow as it kept crashing on high for some reason.

Would sure save a lot of typing if I could get this to work,

Thanks in advance
May 10, 2016
Currently RT Systems software - WSC-R8600 Programming Software for the Icom IC-R8600 is not working due to a bug in their recent update of the software. What's not going to happen in the case of anyone purchasing this software since approx. beginning Sept 2018 is RT Systems taking the software off their website while they work on a fix -- in my opinion they are taking your money for something which will not work.

See my post here ...

BUG WARNING - RT Systems - IC-R8600 Programmer Software (ver. 5.00.10)

Link: https://forums.radioreference.com/icom-receivers/376316-bug-warning-rt-systems-ic-r8600-programmer-software-ver-5-00-10-a.html

Any further questions VK2CCJ -- ask here or PM me.

Tip: DO NOT USE RT Systems WSC-8600 Software for Icom IC-R8600. You will lose data!
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