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SAB Air Show Pics!

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Dec 19, 2002
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jeffrey420 said:
Thanks for the website info. My first airshow with digtal SLR. Just wish I could afford a $3000 dollar lens. Still learning eveyday.

What kind of camera and lens are you using now. They look pretty darn good.

I have an Olympus E-300 and used my stock 14-45mm lense for all of the shows I've seen. I finally picked up a Sigma lense 55-200 (110-400mm in print film terms) for $180.00 on line. It works great! I haven't had a chance to take it to an airshow yet, but I have been using it for other things.....no need to spend thousands of dollars :)

I am fortunate to be near Davis-Monthan AFB, where the Heritage guys practice/qualify every spring. I can't get enough of those pics. I really like the open bays on the bomber and your previous posting about the T-birds, - the opposing knife edge pass photo in particular. I like the out of focus on the near bird, gives that speed effect :)

Thanks for sharing,

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May 30, 2006
I have the Olympus E-500 two lens kit. I was using the stock 40-150mm lens. Since down here most shows are during the summer it would be nice to have a f 2.8 to bring in more light. The haze kinda wipes out the contrast.

Is that Sigma the digital mount? I just looked it up on B&H, $150 plus shipping. I will have to look into that one for that price. Thanks for the info John!!

Thanks for your input!
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