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Sacred Heart University DPS Channels

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May 7, 2011
Fairfield. CT
I have been listening to frequencies licensed to the Department of Public Safety at Sacred Heart University in an attempt to identify their purpose. I was able to easily identify the main dispatch channel (repeater, mobile, and 6.1-meter control station), but they are licensed for two additional frequencies which I am unable to identify.

According to the FCC ULS, these two frequencies (452.7625 and 452.7875) are licensed for simplex use only (Station Class: MO), and their output power and maximum ERP are both 5 watts. However, all traffic on the main repeated dispatch channel is also repeated on 452.7875. In addition, anything transmitted on 452.7875 is repeated on the main dispatch channel. The interesting thing is that 452.7875 only seems to be reachable in the immediate vicinity of one of the university’s distant campuses (but not distant enough to not reach the licensed repeater). The license only provides for a single repeater, but I’m beginning to think that this frequency is being used for some type of repeater linking not permitted by the license. Perhaps a small repeater is in use at this campus to improve reception/usability within the building?

I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble, but I’m genuinely curious as to the possible use of this frequency given the information available. Does anyone have any ideas?

P.S. I have never heard any traffic on 452.7625, so I'm assuming that it's just a simplex tactical channel that isn't used frequently, or perhaps reserved for the emergency call boxes located around campus.
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