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San Antonio CB channels being used

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Jan 1, 2005
San Antonio, Texas
I gather you worked at RS
Yes sir, I gather you saw my first "shack" picture, I was trying to put the "Radio" back in Radio Shack :)

So basically there are RS "planograms" and I was expected to only have 2 small 4ft shelves of radios :(
Well to make a point to my upper management, and having 2 extra flex panels in a GREat prime location.
I ordered and transfered into my store everything available and filled up both 4ft wall panels top to bottom !

So I could have followed my required planograms, but I stepped it up and did my own "Michael-grams" ;)
In short I got lots of compliments from both management and customers about my "Radio Shack" store !
Bottom line, I took pride in having the best selection of scanners,SW,CB & radios of any other RS store.
My store had working demos connected to rooftop antennas and all scanners sold programmed with pride :)
I had the amplified bracket speaker connected to a scanner hidden in the backroom that had
only the San Antonio International Tower, Approach/Departure, Air Emergency, S&R, A2A Pilot Chats
and our Sky News Helicopter turned down low and I got a kick out of pilots shopping and hearing traffic.
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