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WS1040: Scanner Locked Up

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Dec 25, 2017
I’ve had my WS1040 scanner since December and it operated flawlessly until yesterday evening when I noticed the scanner had been quiet for a while. After taking a closer look, it appeared that the scanner was scanning through the programmed frequencies very slowly, almost like it was hanging up at each individual frequency. I turned the scanner off and then back on thinking it would reset. A screen now comes up as soon as th scanner is turned on displaying:

“DSP Loader...
DSP Boot: F1.1”

I have tried upgrading the firmware for the WS1040 using the software from Whistler’s website, but this same message comes back as soon as the scanner is powered on and I can’t advance any further. If anyone can give me any help or guidance I would very much appreciate it.
Not open for further replies.