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scanning 28.000 to 54.000 Modulation


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May 17, 2004
Bergen County, New Jersey
When scanning between 28.000 and 54.000 which FM modutaiton is best? Regular FM or narrow?

I normally keep my scanner on auto modutaiton when scanning, but was curious if just setting one or the other would have any affect on my reception?
Jul 27, 2005
Point Nemo.
Amateur radio uses 28-30MHz, for the most part, so you'll find FM, AM, SSB, etc.
From 30-50MHz, most of what you are going to run across is going to be FM. FM wide, or normal, depending on your scanner. In the USA, the FCC never required stations in that segment of the band to go narrow.
Between 50-54MHz, it's the 6 meter amateur band, AM, FM, SSB, etc.

For the amateur bands, you can look at on line band plans. Those are a gentleman's agreement, but for the most part, amateurs tend to follow it.