School asks for Ohio officer to be removed

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Mar 22, 2005
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Get it right, it was the girl's mother who asked for dismissal. The school asked for and got an administrative transfer pending the investigation. Since the published video begins where the officer grabbed her it's impossible to say what prompted the incident or whether she was resisting but I'm sure you'll think of something as always.


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Like I told people when I was a LEO, if you disagree with the reason for the arrest, don't resist, just go to court and explain everything to the judge. This is what the courts are for.

By resisting arrest you just make things worse, possibly causing injury to yourself or the arresting officer, and receive additional and/or more serious charges. You are probably not going to change the officer's decision to make the arrest anyway.

Also take note of her attorney's statement "it was Williams' second day at the school on a disciplinary transfer. It sounds like she has some discipline issues anyway and this officer just happened to be the first to deal with them.

Also it IS clear in the video she is pulling away from him, and when he tries to cuff her she continues to try to kick him and pull her hands away.
I don't know the law in NJ or CA, but in Ohio this constitutes resisting arrest.

It is sad to see her get injured but she definitely needs some attitude adjustment. Her mother, blaming the authorities instead of teaching her daughter to respect her elders and school authorities does not improve her attitude, but sends her the message that it is acceptable to resist authority.
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