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screw in automobile antenna converter?

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Mar 6, 2008
I have an audi with a screw in antenna on the roof. My question is: Is there a converter to allow me to replace the antenna on the roof with a bnc connector antenna? What type of antenna connector is on these screw in antennas (I can get a measurement if needed ie 5mm or 6mm diameter)? I am thinking that it is not possible since there is no ground on the antenna that screws in vs the bnc connectors.
Thanks for any responses.
Mar 22, 2008

I was just at Radioshack last night and picked up a connector that is F-BNC. To my knowledge it's perfect for regular TV coax because thats what I'm using right now as an antenna. I know it's cheap and probably doesn't really work that well but it gets the job done. But yeah sorry um well on my Jetta the connector doesn't screw it in just plugs in but I'm sure you'll be able to be able to rig something at Radioshack. I think I'll go and try to set mine up as well. If I do decide to do it I'll post pictures of it.
Dec 19, 2002
South-Eastern, Ontario
I made one for my other car awhile ago. Just got some SS rod, drilled a hole through the middle of it for the antenna rod, then a small hole for a set screw to hold the rod in place, then drilled and tapped one side to fit the car. Worked great
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