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Sdr console 3.0.2 dsdplus

Aug 26, 2018
Has anyone been able to get dsd plus working on the sdr console. I've been poking at it for two weeks and can't seem to make any progress. If I open it from the dsd folder it will run but from console I get an error on the output audio. I'm not sure if I need to open two rx's (which is my guess) since I don't see away to load two sdrs. I think I have tried every permutation possible and get the same error. May just need to bite the bullet and use one of the other GUIs but would prefer the console since I know it the best. Don't get me wrong though. I'm a novice and sdr console still does unexpected things that I can't replicate sometimes. Thanks for your help ahead of time. My vac's all work btw and I've recently tried using tcp ports instead but I can only see one port even with two rxs open. (50050). I would expect the second to be 50051 or do I have to manually assign it? The web pages I've found seem to send me in circles or are just out of date enough to be irrelevant to the 101 release.


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Sep 21, 2018
I haven't been able to get SDR to work. I see where it is sending data to DSD+ but it is not outputting through my speakers. I've tried every possible audio configuration I can think of. I have zero issues using Unitrunker and DSD+ together. It works flawless. Almost too easy...


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May 13, 2001
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I use DSDPlus with Simone's great Radio Console V3 all the time. My Setup is using one Airspy. You will need a VB Audio Cable, set SDR Console VFO to WFM (mode) no squelch (for DMR, CAP+, etc)
in your DSDPlus folder you will need to make a specific .bat file for this configuration having the -i (input device) pointed to the VB Audio Cable and the -o (output device) should be already assigned to your default sound device on your computer in your DSDPlus config file.

this is a copy of my .bat file I use
DSDPlus -i3 -v3 -wsl400.2 -wss100.200 -wel0.1 -wcl0.445 -wes400.520 >>CC.log

Good luck