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SDRPlay Newbie here

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Jun 10, 2003
Atlanta, GA
Just got the box yesterday from HRO and starting to play with it. So far I like HDSDR and not getting good results with SDRUNO. Are there any other programs (windows based) better than these two?

Where can I find an "owners/operation manual" if there is such a thing?

My plan is to add this radio from my location into the websdr.org site, which is how I found out about SDRs.

Any suggestions?



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Oct 11, 2015
Delaware County OH EN80nd
HDSDR is a great program to use if one is just getting started with an SDR ... in my experience anyway. I would recommend mastering HDSDR first before moving on to something else.

There are several guides on the SDRplay website that should assist with setting up the various software packages. My preferences have been SDR-Console V2.3, SDR-Console V3 preview, SDRuno and HDSDR. With SDRuno, there are a lot of things that can be tweaked, but it is still the first release of the software modified for the SDRplay. It has some maturing to do before it becomes my go-to package. I'm also following CubicSDR as it is developed.

What's great is that they are all free ... or supported by donations which I do when I can.

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