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SDS100/SDS200 Tax Day Update (1.10.00)


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Apr 19, 2004
Arlington, TX
Happy Tax Day!

Apply the update using Sentinel, as usual (for public releases).

1.10.00 Main (4/15/2019)
This firmware applies the following enhancements and bug fixes:
  • Fixed the issue of false TGID displaying during site hold.
  • Modified the valid condition of EDACS system ID.
  • Improved DMR OFT reception.
  • Improved NXDN48 (OFT) reception.
  • Slightly improved the clarity of analog and digital voice


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Feb 18, 2005
I downloaded the fw to both radios. Edacs still shows 2b vs unitrunker shows 203 dec. not sure if which one is correct. This is the system for edacs https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=1678 I went to scan uhf/vhf i did hear a county jail analog uhf with some static with 0 bars that is better than I was not able hear it before with other older fw. Now the 380 is hit miss not sure if there power watts went down I do have the new Tyndall site not able to pick them up at all unless I’m 1 mile from there. Now I’m sitting on bay line train see if I can hear them nothing the past 10 mints. Was able to hear them on the first fw since the new fw seems not hearing them. I’m moving the antenna around see what happens. I did hear Washington co ems dmr come in with1-2 bars.


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Jan 21, 2002
Chicago , IL
Still not trunk tracking a 3.125 Khz NXDN system that I previously reported on. Both video and a debug file are provided for review by UPMan and the engineering staff with Wide-Normal and Wide-Invert demonstrated (Best filter settings I have tried...and have tried them all). RSSI & D-ERROR values indicate the signal should be strong enough for accurate trunk tracking? (536hp is trunk tracking the same system on the same antenna). Noise floor values would indicate a low noise floor and very little interference from surrounding transmitters? LCN's have been confirmed by an Illinois Database administrator via DSD Plus. You will hear some occasional transmissions, but it appears the SDS 200 is having difficulty trunk tracking this system:




This update has helped another NXDN system (OFT) system I was having trouble with, so it looks like this firmware update has helped out a great deal...thank you UPMan and engineering team.


Dec 25, 2013
Columbus, Indiana
I just learned how to do site hold with my new SDS100, and had not yet figured out that it was the reason my TGID's were messed up. Came here to look for help, found this thread and updated.
Problem solved! I think my move from the TRX-1 was the right step, even if I haven't figured out how to transition from scanlists & scan groups to all of these numbered favorites...