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Searching 162-165 Mhz. Several Finds. Minneapolis

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Near Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota.

While doing some one meg wide searches today, the following was found.

162.225 Repeater and Simplex Communications were heard around noon time. "Shelter 2 is clear, Unit 7 to 14, Unit 7 to Visitor Center". This is the old VHF Fort Snelling Fire and Police Channel from years ago. Now it appears to be the Fort Snelling Cemetary Grave Guides Channel. Very active!

163.4625 Military 133/934th? CES and etc. Channel. In either case this was used up at the military reservation at MSP. Now commuications are DVP Scrambled it appears. Not very active.

164.100 Heard at 12:12 hours with Postal Communications. Simplex.

164.3375 or 164.340. Heard at 12:15 hours with Postal Communications. Simplex.

164.9875 or 164.990. Heard at 12:16 hours with Postal Communications. Base/female, Mobiles/male. Simplex.

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Dec 19, 2002
Hagerstown, MD
MrMRB said:
164.100 Heard at 12:12 hours with Postal Communications. Simplex.
Here in Oklahoma City, our Postal Service seems to use all UHF channels that are fairly common to USPS freq ranges. But I've also discovered comms on this 164.100 channel. Out here, it is CSQ (no tone) and seems to have 24-hour dispatch. The UHF channels are carrying activity that is plainly USPS regarding transporting mail and maintaining the mail facilities, but what kind of traffic are you getting on this VHF channel? I have NO idea what service this freq serves out here, as I have only heard it a little at a time. Thanks.
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