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Seattle area non public safety communications

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Mar 23, 2003
Bainbridge Island, WA
I recently replaced my old Radio shack Pro2006 and Pro2052 with a Radio shack Pro163. Unlike the other radios this radio does both trunking and conventional at the same time. Like the other radios, can do military air. And a big plus, text tags. I have programmed in an extensive list of military aviation frequencies listed at


I have all the UHF/VHF pairings at Seatac and Boeing. I have programmed in some business LTR systems. I have programmed in conventional frequencies for airline company operations at Seatac. I have programmed in suspected mall frequencies.

I would like to monitor private security. hotels in the area, especially Seattle. And other non public safety communications that may be of interest. Any help, frequency listings, trunked system information would be appreciated.
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