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Sellersville Area Random Hits-Business Band

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May 17, 2004
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Some of these frequencies, such as MURS, don't require a license, so users can be difficult to pin down. For everyone's entertainment, here are the hits my logger has picked up, so whoever wants to can have soem fun filling in the blanks. I'm at work during the day when most hits occur, so I'll never hear them. I used the old color, dot, and star designators to help identify frequencies. White Dot seems to be the most popular.

151.6250 Red Dot T 131.8
151.8200 MURS 2 T 77.0
151.9550 Purple Dot T 67.0
154.5150 D 025
154.5150 T 71.9
154.6000 Green Dot T 156.7
462.5750 White Dot T 241.8
462.5750 White Dot T 85.4
462.5750 White Dot D 245
462.5750 White Dot T 179.9
462.5750 White Dot T 167.9
462.5750 White Dot T 146.2
462.5750 White Dot D 116
462.6750 Orange Dot T 186.2
462.6750 Orange Dot T 156.7
467.8750 Gold Star T 82.5
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