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Sibley Communications - NEXEDGE

Jun 16, 2014
Central, NC
Hi all,

I rarely check 800 MHz for new signals since most of the band is full of P25 and OpenSky here, but sandwiched in between those signals I found a NEXEDGE96 control channel on 859.1125 with a Site Number and RAN of 7. The system ID was 170 which matches this system (Sibley Communications: https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=8075)

I am hearing this signal in western Forsyth County, NC and it is not all that strong. The FCC database has thus far been unhelpful in locating a candidate license. My SDR is having some issues, so when I get that fixed, I'll run DSD on the site for more info such as neighbors and LCNs.

Anyone know anything about this system and what it's coverage area is like? Google has not turned up anything in a quick search so I'll have to dig around some more.

Jun 16, 2014
Central, NC
Just ran DSD+ on that site... the control channel is showing LCN 648. Here is the other info from DSD:

Current network: L170
Current site: L170-7


L170-7 neighbor: Site L170-1; CC=530
L170-7 neighbor: Site L170-2; CC=608
L170-7 neighbor: Site L170-3; CC=766
L170-7 neighbor: Site L170-5; CC=526
L170-7 neighbor: Site L170-9 CC=560

I can also confirm from today that the site is not in Winston-Salem. The signal was very weak downtown.


Senior Member
Database Admin
Oct 22, 2005
Here is what I have gathered (with your info incorporated):

1 Springville/Tazewell ? 854.2375-258cc 530cc
2 Honacker/Russell ? 859.6125?-688cc 608cc
3 Narrows/Giles ? 860.5875?-766cc
4 855.0625?-324cc
5 857.5875?-526cc WNJJ661 Electronic Comm of WV @ Huntington WV ?
6 Ghent/Raleigh 854.5875-286cc NL 1 2 4 5 7 8 9
7 859.1125-648cc NL 1 2 3 5 9 WNRU275 Vanguard Comm @ Fancy Gap VA ?
8 Tazewell/Tazewell ? 858.0625-564cc
9 Abingdon/Washington VA 858.0125-560cc NL 1 2 3 4 5 7 WPVR259 Steve Blankenbecler
10 Bluefield/Mercer? 856.5875-446cc NL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Jun 16, 2014
Central, NC
@wirr Ah I didn't think to check VA for licenses. Fancy Gap has great coverage down this way so it seems very likely, especially since as I drove into Yadkin county, the signal got stronger.

So just out of curiosity, I did a little FCC digging and found licenses for every site you mentioned above and they all match the locations you mentioned...

I think all of these sites (Except possibly 5 - see note) can be pretty confidently added to the database (unless I am missing something, which is always a possibility haha). Let me know what you think:

Site 1 - WPVR256
Site 2 - WPVR257
Site 3 - WPVR254
Site 4 - WPVR260 (In DB)
Site 5 - WNJJ661**
Site 6 - WPVR255 (In DB)
Site 7 - WNRU275
Site 8 - WPVR258
Site 9 - WPVR259
Site 10 - KNRS955

Map I created of all site locations as per the FCC database: L270 Sites - Google My Maps

**Only thing that is kind of strange is Site 5 seeing as that license puts it quite a ways from the rest of the sites. Did you hear it in that area?