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Sierra College system updates

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Database Admin
May 16, 2003
Placer County, California
Hello all,

I need some help identifying Sierra College's new radio system. I received a submission saying they no longer use the 800mhz conventional channel showing in the database, and may have gone to a MOTOTRBO system.

I did some research with the FCC, and sure enough, they no longer have the 860mhz frequency on their license, but now have four new frequencies licensed. The emissions on the license indicate they are licensed for both TDMA (MOTOTRBO) digital voice, and for conventional analog.

I no longer have a scanner capable of monitoring 800mhz. Could someone in the area of either/both of the western campuses (Rocklin and Grass Valley) please check these frequencies and confirm whether there is any activity, and whether it is analog or digital? If someone in Truckee wants to check the Truckee campus, that would be great as well. They have licensed all frequencies to all three campuses.

The frequencies:

852.4250 - - - - - 807.4250 (input)
853.1250 - - - - - 808.1250 (input)

All four frequencies are licensed for both analog and TDMA, so they could be running in either mode.

Any help would be appreciated, so that I can update the database. Thanks!!
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