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Simoco SRP9130 for monitoring MPT1327

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May 20, 2006
Hey Guys,

Just a quick query. Is it possible to setup an SRP 9130 for receive only on an MPT1327 trunking system i.e VHF Fleetcoms?

I have a personally owned SRP9130 that I use for work on a simple conventional repeater system and have tried to get it to track the local fleetcoms system with no success. I haven't played around much as I don't want the radio to end up "bricked". I am using the most recent version of the FPP software, is what I am trying to do even possible?

Regards Daniel


Database Admin
Jan 7, 2006
Not sure, some systems have serial number tracking allowing only pre allowed radios onto the system.

Not 100% sure though.



Jan 27, 2006
Melbourne VK
Without reading through the MPT1327 standard- which I have in hard copy (a huge document) to check if my answer is correct- I believe that a subscriber radio has a unique serial number that the radio must first successfully register with the given network in order to receive traffic.

In other words- your radio must be allowed on to the network and unless traffic is directly addressed to your radio (whether radio to radio or radio to a group)- then you will not hear anything. There are security measures in the protocol that can be used to detect and remove a rogue radio trying to register.

I have yet to hear of anyone sucessfully "hack" programming an MPT1327 radio for receive only and I imagine it would not be easy. Whether or not it could be done- I am unsure.

MPT1327 is used extensively here. It would be nice to be able to follow the traffic in a handheld radio- rather than the P.C. and 2 scanner approach.

As with any trunked radio system- programming a radio for any system that you are not authorized to use has potential for problems with interference to that system. Not to mention the legal ramifications. Having the radio "bricked" is therefore the least of your problems.

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