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SLIA De-Ice Comms

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Oct 17, 2002
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Hopefully everyone in the valley is aware that it snowed today. I set up to monitor/find this years De-Ice comms at the airport (SLIA). The 5 freqs with "(nov 2018)' were copied this morning. The others were from last winter. They may (or may not) be used this year.
Please post any updates/corrections.

128.8500 SLIA De-Ice co-ord (Continental-1)
128.9750 SLIA De-Ice "BRAVO" (Nov 2018)
129.1750 SLIA de-ice comms-arcrft to de-ice crew.
129.2000 American Airlines-w/ de-ice info
129.2750 SLIA De-Ice "PAD COMMANDER" (nov 2018)
129.3700 SLIA De-Ice pad-9/10
129.7750 SLIA De-Ice Rnwy 16L pad-2/3/11G/
129.9750 SLIA De-Ice Rnwy 34R
130.0750 SLIA De-Ice 34L pad-6B/4B (nov 2018)
130.2750 SLIA De-Ice "PAD COMMANDER" (nov 2018)
130.3750 SLIA De-Ice Rnwy-34R pad-2
130.5000 SLIA De-Ice pad-9/10 (Delta)
130.5750 Jet Center Ops//De-Ice Ops from 129.975
130.6750 SLIA De-Ice Rnwy-34R pad-4/6 (weak)
130.7000 SLIA De-Ice pad-12/13/21A/21B (Delta-4)
130.9750 SLIA De-Ice coms pad 5B/6B -34L
131.3750 SLIA De-Ice "TRUCK" (nov 2018)
131.8750 SLIA de-ice coms
131.9750 SLIA De-Ice Rnwy 16L & "TWY L" "DELTA ICEMAN"
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