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Some 2019 wildfire freqs - A/A & A/G


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Apr 19, 2005
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from a 2019 document

Rawlins Tanker Base - 123.975 - intended for local use near or at the base

for the following freqs - VHF highband is FM 'air to ground' (onscene - aircraft to firefighters on the ground) - 120 Mhz aviation band is AM for 'air to air' (onscene) - freqs seem to be listed as primary then 2ndary then tertiary - it is possible that all of these freqs will only be used for the first day and night of a major fire - and then be replaced by other freqs on later days of the fire - typically no PL is used

Wyoming Zone 06 - Rock Springs area - 167.225 - 167.50 - 126.675 - 127.575 - 135.875

Central WY area - AA 3 is 134.05

Wyoming Zone 04 - Rawlins to Cheyenne area - 166.9375 - 167.525 - 125.275 - 128.025 - 132.20

Zone 7 - north of Cheyenne in Camp Guernsey area - 167.075 - 167.525 - 119.175 - 126.375 - 134.625


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Aug 23, 2002
Can you PM me the source information? I'd like to have it organized by the correct area(s) to make it easier for the users