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Sep 27, 2006
Marshfield, MO
Im not sure about the digital part with green co SO , Grrr i wish they would hurry . %00.00 was alot to spend on a digital scanner and no digital system close lol


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Jul 9, 2004
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Springfield/Greene County Trunked System

There are some talk groups that are digital and some that are digital and encrypted.

41008 a03 Encrypted Crime Scene Unit
41040 a05 Encrypted Drug Enforcement Unit
41072 a07 Encrypted Narcotics
41104 a09 Encrypted Organized Crime/Vice
41136 a0b Encrypted Chief's Administrative Channel
41168 a0d Encrypted Springfield Fire Marshal
41200 a0f Encrypted Special Response Team (SWAT)
41232 a11 Digital Command Post Operations
41264 a13 Encrypted Detectives

Really there is not much interesting to listen to on the digital side because it is mostly all encrypted. I do not think they will change over to all digital for a while.

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