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Spanish language station on 710?

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Mar 7, 2004
Virginia Beach, VA
On 11/22/2016, There was a station on this freq booming up the east coast , covering up WOR with an occasional fade out, even on the Delmarva Peninsula where I was driving that night! Even near Rehoboth Beach DE, where I finished driving that night.

Seems there is on 50kw station in Miami, WAQI, but nighttime its signal is beamed toward Cuba to protect WOR. Programming was a baseball game, which leads me to believe it's **NOT** WAQI. Also, no station ID at the top of the hour. Most cubans do ID (at least the network) at the top of the hour in my observations.

Was Raul Castro jamming WAQI with a cuban ball game?

If it helps, there was often a line from "Axel F" played during breaks in the game.

To be certain, WOR's signal to the south has degraded greatly in recent years, which is frustrating for me during the summer since the Mets' flagship station has been WOR since 2015 (was WFAN through 2014 season). Hearing a station that strong was shocking!
Feb 23, 2014
Probably Radio Rebelde 710 Cuba, it can often be heard here in Michigan under WOR. Propagation is not cooperating tonight, can null out WOR but the Cuban signal is garbled and weak.
Talking tonight but good music most nights.
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