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Specific Orange County Sectors

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Mar 8, 2008
I got the Radio Shack Pro 97 for my birthday this week. It was pre-programed (thank goodness) with Orlando/Orange County Sheriff/FL HWY Patrol and a few other things that I'm still trying to figure out. The last time I owned a scanner from Radio Shack it was 8 channels and I had to go out and buy the specific crystal. So the whole trunking thing is something that I need to do a bunch of reading on. But I would sure like to get a short cut explanation to see if I can zero in on just Orange County Sheriff Sectors 5 and 6...which is the I-Drive and Disney area. I promise that I will continue to read and figure it out...but when you get to be my age, some of these new devices take a while to master. Usually, I find one of the young neighbor kids who help me out...and I do learn to do it myself...with the basics.

Anyway...if you have an idea, let me know, otherwise it's back to reading the great websites for info.

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