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Spectrum Analyzer Question

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Nov 19, 2004
Jacksonville, FL
Out of boredom I have been playing with and old copy of Trunkstar 785 on my BC796D using the Spectrum Analyzer while scanning the 929-930 Mhz range. I happen to have a little 4 element yagi anatenna that covers 860-960 mhz range. I also have a ST2 antenna mounted on the chimney and a homemade dipole for the same range that is mounted on a vent pipe on the roof and the yagi I just have mounted on the top of my computer desk. Below are the printouts of the spectrum analyzer. Unfortunately I have no idea what the printouts are showing me about the antennas if anything. Can someone give me and idea what they mean? Does one antenna seem to be better than the others? Thanks in advance--Gary

Yagi antenna

Dipole Antenna

ST2 Antenna
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