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St. Joe county area listeners with bcd396ts

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Sep 6, 2007
Im posting this thread for pepole who live in the in the St. Joe county area and listen to the SAFE-T system and other agencies in the area with the bcd396t scanner. The reason I'm doing this is because I'm curious how other listeners have their scanners set up as far as settings for con. mot. systems and how they work for them. Aso new frequenices they might have found during search and store and what they are.I'll give you an example .I have had my scanner for 8 months and to my embarasment, I found out I had "I call "off on my state pd system, turned it on and started getting car to car traffic. I know some pepole will say just look it up and RR is the best site for everything scanner owners need but sometimes local feedback can be verry helpfull thanks guys.
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