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storing servich search finds

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Apr 23, 2008
hello, this is on the psr500 scanner; when i turn on a service search, and come across a frequency i want to store, it ALWAYS stores it to scanlist 1, is there a way to change which scanlist it gets saved to??
Apr 30, 2008
Shelby Co, Tn
Yes, the default scan list can be set under the global programing option.

From the manual, page 65:
By default, your scanner will store all new objects, and objects
found during Search, Tune, and Sweeper as mapped to Scan
List 01.
You can easily change the default Scan List to any Scan List you
specify, including the special FAV and SKYWARN Scan Lists.
PGM, then the GLOB softkey, and use the ? key to scroll
down until the Dflt ScanList item appears in the middle of
the display. Enter a new Scan List number to use as the default
Scan List. The following numbers are valid:
0:The "not scanned" (ns) Scan List - objects that have no Scan List mappings can be found here
1-20:The twenty normal Scan Lists
21: The FAV Scan List
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