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Suffolk County NY Updated

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New York DB Admin
Database Admin
Mar 2, 2004
Long Island, NY
Attn Suffolk County, NY Database admin,

I've updated the Suffolk Trunk system since they've partially rebanded. Someone already went in and set all frequencies incorrectly as a full reband site.

I created a new site called Simulcast (Custom) and added all the frequencies I confirmed working via Trunker and a few hours of listening on a 2nd and 3rd scanner.

I didn't want to remove the full reband "Simulcast" system because when Suffolk does their full reband, that will be the active layout. I wasn't able to put that site into a hidden mode. If this should be deleted, please do so.

Also - I needed to add custom tables, and the database would only allow me to add one line for a reason. I've added a snapshot to the main page for Suffolk Trunk.

I hope I didn't screw it up too badly :roll:

I spent the last two nights watching trunker before I came up with a working solution and I am trying to get the info out since this is a hot topic in the local area.

Here is the database page: Suffolk County Trunking System, Suffolk County, New York - Scanner Frequencies



DB Administrator
Nov 5, 2002
I was listening to your SC Fire feed, so your solution appears to be working. :)
Dec 26, 2009
Northport New York
Need some guidance..

I have an R.S. Pro 164 and I use ARC300 to program. Having a little difficulty creating custom table as mentioned for S.C. changes. Can anyone give me a few steps on how to create the custom database as shown?

Appreciate the assist.
Thank you,
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