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Sep 28, 2003
If it ever quits snowing here...

I don't 'camp' anymore, but we go out and shoot. Fishing around here is a choice between fish with arsenic or fish with uranium, depending on which stream and which mine runoff you want to eat.

I just bought another 5000 rounds of ammo to shoot out of machine guns this summer.:D


Completely Banned for the Greater Good
Oct 12, 2007
The Appalachians - Next to the tent and campfire.
I use Rapella's and meps (if I spelled that correctly)
Rooster Tails and Rapellas ; I have my biggest success with Rooster Tails in lakes.

Catfishing = Chicken livers and worms.

And don't forget that cheap handheld VHF-Low / High / UHF hand scanner. You might hear a siren in the distance. :)

+ you have the wx option ; and marine band to monitor the boats on the large rivers.

FF - Medic !!!
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