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Sumter County members?

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Jul 26, 2016
Central South Carolina
Sumter here. Mostly just lurking. I run a multi-RTL-SDR setup on Unitrunker for scanning EMS/PD/SD.

;) Just west of you here. Care to grab a cup of Java somewhere? There are a lot of places we could meet. Interested in discussing trunking and local setups. Have a PRO-668 for palmetto 25 Phase I & II. Does unitrunker do Palmetto 25? ;)

Jul 9, 2014
No thanks. I'd rather keep discussion where it's archived and searchable for future benefit of others.

Unitrunker will track P25 and send the raw digital output to a separate audio device from analog. I'm running several VCOs per RTL, each one sending to DSD+ via virtual audio cables at 48kHz. At the moment my decode quality is rather lacking, but I havn't taken the time to determine if it's a fault in the software, my setup, or the configuration of the tool.
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