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Suréte Du Québec (Temiscaming)

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Aug 25, 2013
Temiscaming, Quebec
Hello, I am from Temiscaming, Quebec. The Temiscaming right by the Ontario border about 45 minutes away from North Bay.

I am curious to know how I can listen to the Suréte Du Québec in Temiscaming.

166.80000 BM 186.2 PL 1M Temiscamingue Auxiliaire (Temiscaming) FM Law Dispatch

I believe this is their codes. How would I be able to listen to it or to find out where I can get access to it.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!
Feb 25, 2004
Pierrefonds (West Island Montreal) Qc Canada
there are 4 freqs listed for TEMISCAMING reg SQ & 2 freqs for SQ Auxilliare.. in the Surete du Qc radioreference listing.. Surete du Quebec (SQ) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference you will find them under District 8 ATNQ D8.

they are

166.83000 186.2 PL 8M TEMISCAMI Temiscamingue Principal (Ville Marie)

166.50000 186.2 PL 3M Temiscami Temiscamingue Principal

166.62000 186.2 PL 7M Temiscami Temiscamingue Principal

166.68000 186.2 PL 6M Temiscami Temiscamingue Principal

166.80000 186.2 PL 1M TEMISC AX Temiscamingue Auxiliaire

166.50000 186.2 PL 3M Temisc Ax Temiscamingue Auxiliaire

these are Analog non trunking freqs so a reg scanner will work... best to have a scanner thats accepts CTCSS tones.

The OPP/MOH Fleetnet system across the Qc/Ont is a Digital trunking system so a Bearcat BCD396XT or BCD996XT are the scanners that will work for both QC & Ontario..

there are Digital Scanner that were made by GRE that were sold in Radio Shacks but GRE is out of business since about 6 months now, so i would avoid them in case you ever needed service on them..

good luck
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