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Tecsun PL-600 timekeeping

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Dec 25, 2008
New Zealand
Hi all - anybody been into the schematic of the PL-600 and found if the frequency of the clock is adjustable? Although the radio portion is spot on, ie listening to Auckland aero HF on 8867kHz the audio is excellent with the BFO zero'd against WWV - but the clock loses about 2 minutes a month. I guess it's the usual 32,768Hz crystal but does it have a tweaker? I don't have a bus to catch but missing the news headlines at 0600 local is a nuisance!
Feb 23, 2014
FWIW, clock on mine does about the same thing. Not a big deal with me so never bothered with looking to "fix" it.
Otherwise a nice radio...
May 28, 2009
One trick I've done to watches that were slightly fast or slow - cut the error in half.

With your 2-minute slow clock, how about trying to set it like this:

At your calibration signal, set your clock 1 minute fast on purpose.

This way, your clock becomes a bit more accurate as time goes on, and perfect half-way through the month. Then it slowly drifts away towards the end of the month.

This way you can be sure that you are never more than a minute off, and likely to be very close for most of the setting period.
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