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TenTec 506 Rebel Radio

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Jun 2, 2013
Saint Inigoes, MD
Ok, so this isn't really an SDR, but it could be...someday....maybe? I guess if the mods think it fits better in the amateur equipment forum, they can move it.

Anyway, the TenTec Rebel hasn't been released yet (supposedly July), but it is an Arduino-based, 20/40m, CW only transceiver with open source hardware/software and it is supposed to sell for ~$200.

This is the best information I could find for it:
TEN-TEC Introduces the Model 506 Rebel: an open-source QRP transceiver | Q R P e r

So, anyone else looking forward to tinkering with one? I'm actually wondering if I could just build my own (for less) once they release the design. The 3D printer is almost done, so I could even make my own case with a nice "KC3AOL" on it. :cool:
Feb 8, 2012
...the TenTec Rebel.. it is an Arduino-based, 20/40m, CW only transceiver with open source hardware/software...
It will be interesting to see how this open-source idea "picks-up-steam" after they release their production-model of the radio. Open-source / Crowd-sourced programming of transceivers is an interesting idea, one I would like to see extended beyond CW, into other bands and modes. Maybe it could extend into the scanner-market--but that's a topic for another time and thread.

This could be a good starting point for open-sourced radios. Please post updates when you do get to play with one of these.

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