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Thanks John Moe

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Dec 19, 2002
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Thank you for providing us with your great website for the past year and a half. You personally and your website have been a great help to me identifying Talkgroups and users. You also helped me learn about computer based scanning which I am extremely grateful for discovering. It started to become clear to me how amazing of a tool you created a number of months ago when I was contacted from out of state for a request for radio audio, I was able to refer the request to you knowing you would be able to provide what was needed. I hope that the site closing is because you have been capitalize on all the hard work you have done. I knew I would miss your site when it was gone but now a few days after closing I know how much. Countless time I catch part of a call on the scanner and figure out I missed a previous call and have reached for my phone to pull up your site and replay what I have missed.
Again thanks for all you provided the scanner community and for the help you personally provided me.


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Feb 18, 2012
I agree with everything stmills posted. Thank you John Moe!

Now that John's site is gone, I have looked into other alternatives such as Radio 10-33. However, while researching I discovered this thread: http://forums.radioreference.com/scanner-programming-software/295374-new-win500-client-android.html

It allows me to stream AND CONTROL my scanner via my cell phone over the internet. I can get my scanner audio from anywhere that I have cell service. This is excellent since the digital distortion in my area can be pretty bad. I can easily drive in and out of good "coverage" within several areas of my home city. Fortunately I get very good coverage at my house and can now stream "good" audio to my phone. This is ONE of the reasons why I like John's site so much.... His audio was pretty damn good for the most part. I now have my scanner connected to an old netbook that runs 24 hours a day and streams to my phone. This is a great solution for good, clean audio. However, it does not allow me to replay audio like John's site did. Sure, I can set it to record audio files and save them to my computer, that's great. But I can't listen to the files from my phone. This isn't a 100% replacement for John's site, but it's better than nothing.

Thanks again!

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