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The university has been busy

Aug 17, 2008
Howdy folks,

The university has been busy upgrading their radio systems associated with res life/dining and maintenance. I noticed that their normal analog repeaters have been carrying limited analog traffic along with frequent DMR as well. Obviously they have the repeaters setup as dual mode. I finally had some time to dig and was able to find the FCC filings where they've added emission designation 7K60FXE. So, as of now, the 155.940 frequency listed as "housekeeping" is completely digital.

I've found the new repeater frequency for maintenance and will submit that soon, once I'm sure of what it is doing.

Time to get the TDMA scanners here in Laramie!

As a side note, their bus and parking traffic is still analog and there isn't a new filing to change emission type. I wouldn't be surprised if that changes soon though.

UW repeater changes.png