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Tipton County - Newbie to the Area

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Jun 28, 2005
Good morning,

I will be moving into either Shelby or Tipton Counties next month, and I am wanting to get my scanner (BCD536HP with DMR upgrade) ready. I have read the other threads here and of course looked at the database. So, I was hoping someone could help answer some questions:

Tipton DMR - Any worth in programming this in - I.E, is it 100% encrypted? That's what I am guessing from the threads; a lot of talk about DSD, but nothing on DMR scanner capabilities.

Does Tipton use any of it's older FM channels? I expect the Sheriff/Police will not, but I hope at least the Fire Departments will.

I'll be grateful for any other tippers. Thanks!



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Jan 5, 2003
NW Tenn
I have a friend in Tipton County and all are encrypted even public works on the DMR system not sure the old frequencies are used anymore.
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