TR-50 Portable Repeater


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May 5, 2010
I bought a used Hytera TR-50 Portable/Tactical UHF Repeater. I am having an issue with the receiver. It appears that someone tried to flash it or update the firmware or program it using the wrong model. The receiver radio is a TC-368 but the Radio Information in the programming is identifying it as a TC-268... The receiver is clearly marked as a TC-368 radio.

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Apr 12, 2018
Montgomery, Alabama
Hyt TR50U

I know this thread is old but, since I just programmed one of these, I thought I would add to the archive. If you solved the problem then disregard.
Noting the menu to select model of unit you have before you can read: mine was a TC 365 ( 420-470). Yours appears to be a TC 368 (450-470). There are several versions so double check to get the right one. Only after selecting the correct version will it read. Using the Rx cable to read the receive HT. If the program in the receiver is wrong, you might try to read the Tx HT with the Tx cable. Change Tx frequency to Rx frequency. Swap to the Rx cable and write that program to the Rx HT. Both HTs are identical and program the same.
I found this question while searching for info on programming the TR50U.